Papa Louie 2

Category: Adventure


Sarge and Radley Madish have captured all of your customers in this long-awaited sequel to Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! Marty and Rita will travel to the Land of Munchmore to rescue Papa Louie, and find other trapped customers along the way to help your journey! Every customer you rescue becomes a new playable character, with unique weapons and a variety of special skills that can help you on your quest. Use your customers’ skills to complete challenges across multiple worlds, and unlock all 28 playable characters on your way to defeat the wild Radley Madish!

How to Play:

Use the Arrow Keys and Space Bar to run, jump, and fight your way across the Land of Munchmore! Rescue your customers to add to your lineup of playable characters.

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Bonny Stack

Category: Education

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Bonny Stack is a game where you have to put all the pieces one on top of the other so they can get above the highest line. With each level passed, the pieces will get new forms, which are more difficult. Nothing is impossible as long as you concentrate and put all the pieces in order. The most important thing is: you can not stack two pieces of the same color. If you do this, the two pieces will disappear.

Instructions: throw the pieces

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Candy Crush

Category: Puzzles


Welcome to the Candy Crush! Which one is your favorite? Create special sweets such as striped candy, wrapped candy and rainbow candy. Combine these specials to create spectacular effects such as Super Stripe and Mega-Candy.


Create rows or columns with three candies of the same color to remove them.
Make special combinations with 4 or 5 candies to create special sweets.
Combine the special sweets to create spectacular effects that will crush even more candy!


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Cube Tank Arena


Cube Tank Arena is an action-packed 3D tank game.  Across five arenas, you must blast your way through waves of mini-tanks before taking on a challenging boss, loaded with powerful weaponry that will turn you to scrap if you don’t keep your cool. In spite of the odds, you’re not completely without hope; you can rack up coinage from destroying enemies, and use the cash you upgrade your arsenal so that it will hold their own even against the champions of the arena!


Movement – Arrow keys
Aim – Use the mouse to aim, left click to shoot.

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Penguin Diner

Category: Strategy


Penguin is a  fun time-management strategy game where your goal is to reach the daily target by serving the hungry penguins. After each day, you can purchase upgrades that will help you keep your customers happy.


Game Control for Penguin Diner.
Use the mouse in this game.
Check more instructions inside the game.

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Gangnam Ta Ta Ta on Starfall Gamer


Gangnam Ta Ta Ta is a simple physics-based construction puzzle game where your goal is to help Psy build a stage and dance with “Oh Ba Gangnam Style”! This fun game is free to play.


Mouse to play “Gangnam Ta Ta Ta”

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Jelly Hop

Category: Puzzles


Jelly Hop is a fun puzzle game where your task is to pay attention to where you step. Each block will count. This game is free to play.


Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Get the orbs in the proper order. Don’t run out of blocks (when the counter of a block reaches 0 the block will fall).

source: starfall
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